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Lebanese Library Association (LLA) 3rd Conference

In collaboration with Asia and Oceania Regional Section of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)


Thinking Together: Innovate, Share, Preserve  and Access

Hosted by the Lebanese American University, Beirut, Lebanon

May 18-20, 2016


Living in a time of relentless change and confronted with new information and knowledge in different -- and sometimes challenging forms -- librarians must come together to think of innovative ways to face immense challenges. This is compounded with the rise of digital and social media tools, creating a complex, multifaceted information environment which is in a state of constant metamorphosis.

This conference will identify and address some of these challenges and their repercussions on the information and library world along the following lines:

  •  The implementation of dynamic library services and innovative spaces to provide better serve the users;

  •  The initiation of relationships with new partners and increasing collaboration across the board;

  • The critical evaluation of policies and strategies in workforce planning to identify the optimal personnel profile and to scrutinize future staffing;

  • The sharing of expertise and experiences in new skills and/or roles required to better manage evolving libraries;

  • The existence and emergence of barriers and challenges to the free use of information, including legal barriers, censorship, open access and digital repositories;

  • The extension of community and citizen programs and outreach activities;

  • The development of creative programs to teach digital and information literacies;

  • The growing importance of cultural heritage and its physical and digital preservation and conservation;

  • The development of LIS programs and curricula that would strengthen the preparation of future information workers.

In keeping with the overall theme, the Conference will focus on how librarians respond to these challenges to act as agents of transformation and development with their knowledge, skills and attitude. We seek contributions that illustrate the different ways in which librarians and information workers are repositioning themselves and their institutions – whether it be public, school, academic, research or specialized -- to enhance and reshape their roles, effectiveness and impact.



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